Just a rant

I’m working on a baby blanket using 2 strands of Bernat Softee Baby held together. This is the first time I’ve ever used this yarn, and it is awful! Every time, like, literally, every single time, I pull yarn out of the center, it’s knotted and tangled, and I have to spend at least 20 minutes untangling it. I’ve only completed the bottom border and one 8 row pattern repeat and I’m ready to hang it up.

Sorry, just needed to vent. I’m just a little irritated with sitting down to knit for an evening and spending very little time actually knitting. :wall:

Bummer. Some skeins are just easier to take apart and re-ball before trying to use them, you know? How very aggravating.

I love that yarn! It’s so soft!

That can happen with any skeined yarn and even within a brand some skeins can be good and others a pain. I usually stop and do a center pull ball in those cases. If you need to use more I suggest winding the balls before you start.

You might just be better off taking that skein and rewinding it from the outside. At least you will know the next time you sit down you won’t have the problem.

I have knotting with most store bought skeins that’s why I ball everything. And I do it all by hand, mind you my hand hurts after a little bit but atleast I don’t have to fight with it. Now all I have to do is make sure the balls don’t roll all over the place hehe

Ack- what a pain! I hate yarn puke!

I’ve always wanted a nostepinne, but couldn’t justify the expense nor the room in my luggage. Then Get Knitted sent me some KP tips, and they always include a small length of PVC pipe that’s just the right circumference to use as a free nostepinne! (Before that I always used my thumb and ended up with a numb thumb.) Now I can have center pull balls that stay put as well as if I was using my ball winder back home…

Ah yes, yarn barf. Gotta love it. I find that yarn splits on me a lot but it’s so soft, I overlook the splitting and use it anyway.

Sorsifes, one way to keep yarn balls tamed is to put a ball in a plastic bag, leaving partly unzipped so yarn can come out. Also, i have used the plastic jars that held peanuts or cashews to hold a ball of yarn. Either works pretty well. linknit41

I don’t ball anything, and I have used that yarn before and not had this problem. I am sure some day it will bite me in the arse, but I never have. I have an aunt who has been knitting for years and she never does either.

I do get irritated when I am knitting and the yarn got cut or split and the manufacturer ties a big knot in the yarn. That might be something I would have discovered beforehand if I had winded the yarn.

I know; I’m bad. Don’t follow my example if you are a beginner.

I also don’t ever break the eggs in a seperate bowl before adding them to the batter. I just dump them right in.

Jessica, I hate when yarn does that! I’m working on a pair of socks right now- 2 at once, working from both ends of the ball. I know it’s my fault, but it’s driving me nuts that the yarn coming out of the center keeps tangling (and yes, I wound it on my ball winder) and the yarn coming from the outside keeps twisting. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for letting me add on to your rant! I hope your next ball behaves better!

I’m sorry but I don’t understand why most people do their knitting from the center of the ball/skein. Is there a technical reason for this or is it just habit? I use whichever strand is loose and go from there.