Just a quick question

I’ve noticed that a lot of blanket/afghan patterns call for circular needles. I’ve casted on circular needles and it seems the first row is always loose, or loses it’s form. Is this just due to lack of experience? Also, can you use straight needles or do you really have to stick with circular? Just wondering. TIA

It’s not due to lack of experience :). The cast on row on circulars does look odd when the co sts are on the cord, but there’s no need to worry. The sts will begin to look normal as you go ;).

[color=blue]It depends on how many stitches are in the afghans. Patterns call for circular needles when there is high stitch count. If you wanted to try, you could attempt to squeeze the stitches on straight needles, but I wouldn’t recommend that. The straight needles may tend to put stress on your wrists once the afghan gets larger. The weight of the afghan will also limit needle movement with straights. You might also find that by squeezing a large amount of sts on straights, accidentally dropping sts will be easier to do. :wink: [/color]

Hope that helps!