Just a quick question about gauge

Hi, all new to this forum and I have one question why is it that when I do a test gauge it works out fine and then when I start on a project well its easier to explain by telling you what happened I was knitting a skirt on circular needles stocking knit only, (all it called for was knit every row) and all was going fine no dropped stitches or mystery gained stitches but when it came to the point when you had to measure how wide the item was mine was around 4 inches larger then the pattern said and I followed it to the letter this is starting to become very frustrating for me because its starting to happen with every thing I knit even my 5 year old sons’ hat was that large that the basket ball now has a wool hat, and that was on normal needles and stocking stitch. I have no clue on what I’m doing can some one help please, I have checked the needle size they were right the wool the same and the test patch was right and still I’m gaining size lol typing this out has made me realize how funny this sounds sorry. Can any one help or any one have any tips. Thank you.

Alls I can think of is this: when you are knitting the gauge swatch, you are paying more than the usual attention to your personal ‘hand’ on the knitting needles and yarn.

However, when you get rollin’…maybe you’re relaxing and feeling less tense. This will account for a ‘looser hand’ on the knitting.

Knowing this about yourself, why don’t you (next time)…after knitting your gauge swatch perfectly with let’s say a US8…cast on the real work with the US8…but on row 2, switch to US7 to knit the rest of the project? See what happens!

You couldn’t do any worse by trying! The way it is now, everything is too big! The worse case scenario using my suggestion is that the next thing will be too small…but I doubt it. :wink:

Thank you for that I will give it a try, thank you that would explain what is happing because I tend to knit whilst watching T.V.
Once again thank you and ill give it a try. :slight_smile:

Did you knit your swatch circular? If not and the skirt is circular that can explain the difference in your gauges.

Here is some info how to knit a circular swatach:

and right here, about half way down the page:

thank you for the link that explains what happened, thank you for that i think that I will give that skirt another go.