Just a Quick Q About A Pattern

I have a pattern that says: Back piece: Cast on 54-60-66-74-82 sts (incl 1 edge st each side) on needle size 7 mm with Symphony. Knit stocking sts. When piece measures 4 cm inc 1 st each side on every 3 cm a total of 3 times = 60-66-72-80-88 sts.

If I add the edge stitches at the beginning surely I would have too many stitches at the end? Or am I missing something with these edge stitches?

Its this pattern:

Thank you.

When it talks about the edge sts, it says they’re included in the cast on number. I think you’re confusing the incs with the edge sts. The pattern says - “inc 1 st [B]each[/B] side”, which means you inc at the beg [B]and[/B] end of the rows.

Oh I see now…I didnt see the added L. Thank you :slight_smile: