Just a Little Frustrated Lately

So, after non-stop Christmas slippers last month, I decided to return to the baby afghan I had started, in a nice white Bernat Baby Soft. Apparently, something had spilled into the bag, and left a big yellow stain on my blanket, which won’t wash out. I had gone a long ways too, but can’t gift a stained blankie.

Project #2: I switched to working on a little baby dress for my preemie neice. I figured out what I thought would work for it to be her size, and now that it’s pretty far along, I can see it’s way too tiny. So THAT project is on the rocks too.


Aww, sorry you are having problems!:gah: all of that is so frustrating, I agree!
Do you have some other yarn that you can just start another project?
Also, what have you tried to use to get the stain out?
I don’t know what kind of yarn the stain is on, but I use “Dreft” stain remover, pretreater, on stuff I don’t think I can get out…and 90 % of the time it works! You’re a grandma too, you might already use Dreft, it’s great on baby stains!:happydance:
Hang in there!:grphug:


the other things that have worked to remove stains (tested courtesy of my 7 and 9 year old sons along with my 4 year old granddaughter and countless items from freecycle) are Tide and All laundry soap. Use tide coldwater first (you’re goign to have to re-wash the item, my complaint with the tide is that it’s so perfumey it kills my allergies… and the free and clear doesn’t seem to work as well) and let the stained item soak for a while in the washer w/ the tide in it (i’d say an hour)… then run it through.

Worst case scenario: you end up having to start over anyway.

You could always try a colorfast dye. Decide which dye, then call the manufacturer, they have people who can tell you if it will cover.

i totally sympathise thought those things only happened to me

What a bummer … so sorry! I would be frustrated too.

Have you tried soaking the stained area in Oxyclean? That stuff is wonderful for removing “mystery” stains.

Well, look at it this way - would you have wanted to gift something that stained so easily and was so difficult to clean?

I would try all the above listed cleaning methods - you might get luck and something will clean it.

Go ahead and finish the dress. It won’t fit your neice, but it may work for gifting to a premie charity.

Get some new yarn and start fresh on these 2 family projects. You will feel better once you get a fresh start.

Thanks to everyone for the stain removal advice. I had only tried clorox bleach, and it worked a little. I just was too sad to keep trying. I think the preemie dress that’s too small could fit a teddy bear or something. So, not too sad anymore.

It is a good lesson when one stores a project, to put it in a safe place.

How big is the stain on the blankie? Could you knit a pretty applique and sew it on?

I have the best of luck with one of the spray and wash stain removers. It’s the one in a bottle with 2 seperate tubes that sqeese together when you tip it over. I have to toddlers and I use it on everything. You could try it on the baby blanket. If it’s already stained then wouldn’t hurt to soak it in that and rinse it. GL

The little dress could fit a dolly for your new baby! The blankie could be dyed and used to wrap around the dolly. All is NOT lost yet. Chin up Hon!