Just a little blue stripe

I am knitting a baby sweater with a sailor type collar. The pattern is ideal for making it a sailor sweater. The collar calls for:
Row 1: k2,sl purlwise, knit until the last three then slip purlwise and k2.

Row 2: k2,p1, knit until the last three: purl the slipped stitch as at the beginning of this row and k the last 2.

As you can see by these simple instructions the stitch that is slipped purlwise on Row 1 and then purled on the back side of the work creates a beatiful raised knit stitch on the front. I am trying to do these two vertical raised rows (one on either end of needle) into a darker color to make it a stripe. I can make the color happen on the front, but I am having a terrible time with the back side of the work. For several rows I was able to hide the main color cross over thread(from the k2 behind the purl), but tonight I was not able to make that happen (mind freeze?) Tonight, the white thread crossing over the dark blue is visible no matter what I do. I have never knit with more than one color before, so this is a new process for me. Any comments about carrying thread, or dealing with the purlwise stitch will be welcome.
Thank you,:knitting: