Just a bit of a whine

I’m sitting here, trying to finish up my son’s Christmas stocking on my Boye interchangeable set and all I can do is think to myself



I was going to be getting a set for Christmas (sort of), but it looks like I’m getting an overlocker instead… don’t get me wrong, I NEED an overlocker and only ‘want’ the Options…

I know I can’t have both at the same time… but my knitting will suffer… you watch… :wink:

Uhh…what the heck is in an overlocker?? :??

Oh… you guys call it a Serger… :smiley:

I’m still lost. :shrug:

Well, you are obviously distressed without the Options, so regardless of what you receive for Christmas, I advise you to acquire a set as soon as possible – if only for the sake of your mental health! :teehee:

Rohan wants his mommy to have Options. :teehee:

It’s an overlock sewing machine.

Hehe… yes… my son obviously does… :wink:

I think if they’re going to update the set next year, I might be best waiting anyway… hehe…

But I do need the overlocker to make his nappies :smiley:

Update Options? Tell us what you know!

I saw a post here somewhere saying they were looking at making some changes to the options with cables and what not??

Is that not right?

yes Jan in CA said something about possibly looking out for a 16" cable next spring http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/forum/viewtopic.php?p=313691&highlight=spring+2007+options#313691