June/July, 2018 Whatcha' Knitting?

I am finishing up my 2nd oldest grandson’s birthday gift, an afghan in his favorite soccer team’s colors.I am using the same pattern I used for the other two afghans I made for his mom and dad.
We are going to leave on the evening of the 12th to be up there for his 13th birthday.

knotknittingknots, how could anyone resist! Darling dress.

Daylily, have a wonderful trip and happy birthday to your grandson. I’d love to see a photo of the afghan.

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The colors are from Knit Picks Brava Wine, Caution and Marina. The pattern is the feather and fan with the 4 row purled instead of knitted . No ridge on right side.DSC00430Tyler's%20Birthday%20afghan%20resized


Love the colours you’ve chosen,very cheerful and somehow it reminds me of being at the beach - sandcastles :sun_with_face::ocean: :shell::whale: Love it :heart:

Well done, daylily! The colors work so well with the pattern. Thanks for the photo.

Thank you both for the compliments, I did not pick the colors those were picked by his mother to come as close to the colors of his favorite soccer team. I am just about finished with it. All I have left to do is the last few inches and then the last border. Then I have to weave in all the yarn tails where the colors changed,and then steam it and wash it.

I have been working on two dishcloths. I just finished the second of them this morning. Here they are:




I have also started on a third dishcloth, and have been working off and on knitting two girl’s scarves.


Tried Ravelry but they do not translate whole patterns only terms so I will have to keep looking.Thanks for the suggestion.

Poetknitter, nicely done. These dishcloths re so handy, too. What yarn are you using?

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Thanks! I am using Lily Sugar ‘N’ Cream, Premier, and sometimes Peaches & Cream yarn to make my dishcloths. The first is Tea Rose in Lily Sugar ‘N’ Cream, and the second is Nautical Ombre (I think it was from Peaches & Cream; I do not remember right now).

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Finished these over the weekend and there’s a matching cardigan on needles to go with them :smile:


What the well-dressed baby is wearing this spring! Darling and the cardigan is the icing on the cake.

These are beautiful! :smile:

Thank you :blush:

Just finished the matching cardigan :grin:


Perfect complement to the darling dress. Beautifully knit notknittingknots!

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Thanks salmonmac, this was a bit of a fiddle. I’m happy to have it finished and pleased with the outcome( also hoping I don’t have to make another one any time soon!!:wink:)

My grandson loved his Afghan and has been using it.


You’re welcome. :smile:

That cardigan is lovely. What kind of yarn did you use, and what color is it in?