June/July, 2018 Whatcha' Knitting?

Finished projects or knitting plans for the summer in the northern hemisphere or winter south of the equator? We’d love to see and read all about them.


I’m knitting a lace cardigan of fingering weight merino wool for my daughter for fall. Pale pink in one of Amy Herzog’s designs.

I’m working on a cardigan, a raglan sweater, also a hat and scarf set.

Still plodding along with ‘Lewis’ cardigan, the back and left front are finished and I’ve just CO the matching sleeve to finish with this chart before starting the other chart for R front and other sleeve. I’ve also just finished a little pair of bloomers/shorts for new granddaughter :heart:

and I’m currently working on this little dress ( literally just started it before stopping for something to eat, while visiting here lol ) will let you know how it goes :grinning:


Happy colors on the bloomers. They’ll look adorable.
Love the dress! Thanks for both links.

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Teddies for school fayre.


It looks like you’re having great fun knitting and dressing these teddies. Very nicely done!

Still waiting to hear if any knitters out there can translate Russian pattern for me

Can’t help with translation sorry but, have you tried asking this on Ravelry where there is probably a group for Russian speakers :grin:

Oh Salmonmac. Started the day with a chuckle. Thanks!

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Just finished! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


So beautiful! What yarn and pattern did you use?

Thank you.

Caron Simply Soft, color Sunshine or you could use a worsted weight yarn. The pattern is one I came up with.

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Thankyou ,I will give it ago!

This is as far as I got with the little dress before realising it would be far too hot and heavy for now and the wrong colours for autumn/winter, so frogged it! Restarted, but altered pattern from 186st cast on to 126st and made a little top to go with the shorts instead :grinning:

I’ll probably do the dress in darker colours ready for the cooler months ahead.


A perfect make-over! That’s the sweetest outfit and will fabulous.

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I am knitting a lace shawl and then planning on working another one with beads. I’m super excited to use beads for the first time. Then I really need to work on the blanket my bf asked me for lol

I.m working on a sweater for my brother, on the

That is lovely. I love the colours. Beautiful and bright.

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I came across this little dress pattern and couldn’t resist casting on!!:joy:

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