June 2019 Whatcha' Knitting?


What have you got planned for summer knitting at the lake or backyard? If you’re headed for winter where you are, what’s your latest knitting project?



I love it!


This is so cute, I love the choice of colors and the heart design.
This will be the project that I will try on this month, or maybe a cover to heated pet beds as it is easier than this one.



So beautiful and so much fun to work!


Baby blanket


I love everything about this baby blanket: lace pattern, divine color and beautifully worked.
What is the name of your pattern please?


Leafy baby blanket, free on Ravelry. I’m making it larger (should be approximately 36 x 32) by doing 8 pattern repeats instead of 6.


I am using up left over yarns from the afghans I knitted last year. I am knitting mittens for the incoming kinder garden kids at the school behind me. So far I have made 31 pairs in the various colors I had left over.


Mine is an Aran cardigan - back and both fronts done now about a third of the way up the sleeves, but sleeves are all moss stitch which I HATE! Why did I pick this cardigan? It was meant to be finished before the end of winter/spring but the weather here in Devon is so bad right now I may still need it for the coming months. I also did an Entrelac workshop on Tuesday at our local knitting shop - Wool On The Exe - a fabulous shop, and if you’re visiting Exeter and need some supplies… so I am concentrating more on my Entrelac Scarf right now, and then I have the wool and pattern for a beautiful Fair Isle jumper (thanks again to Wool On The Exe for great Fair Isle course) which I need to get done before the start of next winter. I think I need to give up work just to find time to knit all the projects I have patterns for. I will post a pic of the cardigan, in it’s unfinished state, tomorrow as I’m in bed now and the knitting is tucked away downstairs.


I’ve just finished this little sweater and hat for a friend’s coming baby. It’s a pattern called Fin knit in Valley Yarns Superwash DK.