June, 2018 Whatcha' Knitting?


Love the colours you’ve chosen,very cheerful and somehow it reminds me of being at the beach - sandcastles :sun_with_face::ocean: :shell::whale: Love it :heart:


Well done, daylily! The colors work so well with the pattern. Thanks for the photo.


Thank you both for the compliments, I did not pick the colors those were picked by his mother to come as close to the colors of his favorite soccer team. I am just about finished with it. All I have left to do is the last few inches and then the last border. Then I have to weave in all the yarn tails where the colors changed,and then steam it and wash it.


I have been working on two dishcloths. I just finished the second of them this morning. Here they are:




I have also started on a third dishcloth, and have been working off and on knitting two girl’s scarves.


Tried Ravelry but they do not translate whole patterns only terms so I will have to keep looking.Thanks for the suggestion.


Poetknitter, nicely done. These dishcloths re so handy, too. What yarn are you using?


Thanks! I am using Lily Sugar ‘N’ Cream, Premier, and sometimes Peaches & Cream yarn to make my dishcloths. The first is Tea Rose in Lily Sugar ‘N’ Cream, and the second is Nautical Ombre (I think it was from Peaches & Cream; I do not remember right now).


Finished these over the weekend and there’s a matching cardigan on needles to go with them :smile:


What the well-dressed baby is wearing this spring! Darling and the cardigan is the icing on the cake.


These are beautiful! :smile:


Thank you :blush:


Just finished the matching cardigan :grin:


Perfect complement to the darling dress. Beautifully knit notknittingknots!


Thanks salmonmac, this was a bit of a fiddle. I’m happy to have it finished and pleased with the outcome( also hoping I don’t have to make another one any time soon!!:wink:)


My grandson loved his Afghan and has been using it.


You’re welcome. :smile:


That cardigan is lovely. What kind of yarn did you use, and what color is it in?


Thanks, I used Stylecraft Summer Breeze DK in Wisteria .
Oops! Sorry, I didn’t add the pattern details either, did I :roll_eyes: I used Patons PBN C 5105 Leaf Border Matinee Coat.


I’ve just finished a throw for my grandson who of course is of the age to love cars, trucks and fire engines.
I used the recommended yarn and found some cute Lego-like construction work fabric for the lining.Throw%20smaller


This is such fun and sure to be much loved by your grandson. Fabulous colour work salmonmac and a great match with the fabric lining. I have 2 little grandsons who would love one of these :heart::heart: