June 2017 What'cha Knitting

Just realized we didn’t have a June thread!

So I’ve finished another baby hat and an adult charity hat. Will post pix tomorrow. I’m working on the Tulips baby cardigan now for my soon to be born baby granddaughter, Alexandra! :slight_smile:


That’s awesome!

My best friend and I are challenging each other to knit 4 hats in the moth of June (Sizes NB, 0-3, 3-6 & 6-12), also have sevearl W.I.PS: A bolero for my daughter, A Pram Blanket again for my daughter and I have a few dishcloths to finish as well. :slight_smile:

I love knitting for charities too, haven’t done it in a while but I love using Marianna’s patterns to do so as that is what she posted her patterns online for which I think is amazing!

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Jan, thanks very much for starting us out in June. Alexandra, how lovely!

I’ve just finished a set for a friend. It’s http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/baby-girls-sweater-with-detailed-bodice-p025 made in Schachenmayr Catania.
The bonnet is http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mori-hikari-baby-bonnet


Oh how pretty! I love the color, too!!


Most of the time I don’t use a pattern anymore, but occasionally. I use charity hats as a learning and creative tool to do my own thing. It’s a great way to use up stash yarn, too!

I’m double knitting a dish towel for a fellow Whovian. I think I finally have my tension under control.


That looks terrific! What an exercise in concentration.

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Thank you! So far the hardest part was creating the pattern for the words. I found the weeping angel pattern free on Ravelry. I plan on making two of these plus one more that says, "Don’t blink! Blink and you’re dead! I also have plans for Dalek dish cloths, Cyberman hotpads and TARDIS oven mitts. I’d also like to make an apron that says “Madman with a box.”

Here’s the hats! I can’t remember the name of the yarn, but it was a Plymouth Encore variety. I can look it up later if you want. I started with the large hat then made the baby hat. See how the yarn changed color directly into the little one? I just realized that when I was taking the picture! The next color in the sequence is pink so I’ll make the pompom (for baby one) out of that so it’ll be full circle. :slight_smile:


Frogged the few rows of my DK grey and black hat to make a simple grey 2x2 for my surgery (on June 1st). Only got a few rows in spite of being unable to sleep, pain meds didn’t go well with even simple knitting, at least I didn’t knit it backwards, just tinked a bunch because they were wrong before figuring out I’d picked it up backwards.
Surgery went great, once home on good pillows I’m able to sleep 8 hours without repercussions.

Probably finish the grey 2x2 then DK black and grey vertical stripes before trying a checkerboard. That was too confusing.

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Glad to hear that all went well with your surgery. Good news there.
Sounds like your back on track with the hats too.

I finished my pattern yesterday afternoon and decided it needs a border. I spent the evening picking up stitches and knitting around with both strands together. It looked horrible! So I pinned the last of the double knit stitches and frogged the border to start over. I have literally spent the last 10 hours picking up double stitches around this to knit about 4 rows of double knitting to maintain the look I hope to get.

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Metylda, it is a triumph! Beautifully worked in such fine detail. Well done.

That’s beautiful! I am making a top down raglan sweater to match another one I had made and lost last year for a friend whose having twin girls. Yours is so elegant I’m inspired to try patterns, but I always seem to get lost, either on the pattern sheet or on my work.
For charity work, I just gave away my first pair of knitted knockers.

After the first 10 or so rows, I was getting lost in the chart. Even with a row counter. So I started marking arrows in the blank spaces of the row after finishing it showing the direction I just worked. It allowed me to compare the next row with the just-completed row and helped things go smoother. It also kept me from starting at the wrong side of the pattern. By the end the chart is an absolute mess, but it’s pencil and should erase easily.


Such a great idea! Thank you!

I second that. Sometimes marking up a chart is the only way to maintain sanity.

Thanks very much Stukes.
We’d all be happy to pitch in and help advise with any patterns you have trouble with in the future. Sometimes it just takes another prospective to clear something up.

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Wow, those came out great! and Congrats on the new addition to your family, and what a blessing for all.

I like to make computer charts (or scan it to computer). Save a copy, mark one.

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