Jumper sleeves

I am knitting sleeves for the first Time and need help
Please see attached .I am having difficulty understanding.
I read it as add one stitch on every 3rd and 5th row at the beginning of the row and end ?

Hi there!
I’m pretty new to this, and get confused with this ‘every following’ too! I read it as once you’ve changed needles, add one stitch at the beginning and end of the 3rd row, then again on the 8th row, then 13th row then 18th and so on, until you have worked the 78 rows. That would be a total of 16 lots of increases, therefore adding 32 stitches, giving you the 78 stitches, from 46.
I hope that makes sense?! Good luck!


Thank you that makes sense now , I didn’t want to carry on just in case I did it wrong :blush: