Jumper Project - Beginner

Hi everyone. It’s my first time knitting a jumper and thought I’ll start with a small project for my niece. I’m literally stuck at the beginning of my project. The pattern reads as follows:
Cast on 36 [36, 40, 44, 46] stitches.
Next Row: p2, pm, p6 [6, 6, 8, 8], pm, p20 [20, 24, 24, 26], pm, p6 [6, 6, 8, 8], pm, p2.
Set-up Row (RS):
Kfb, [kfb, sm, kfb, k to 1 st before marker] 3 times, kfb, sm, kfb, kfb. 10 sts inc’d
Total: 46 [46, 50, 54, 56] stitches.

If I were to cast on 36 sts, how do I get to 46 (extra 10 sts)? Am I missing something in the last instruction “10 sts inc’d” ?
I would be grateful if some can help my with this as the pattern I chose is really nice for my niece.
Thank you in advance!

Hi, welcome! You are increasing 1 st at the start and end of each row plus 2 st (one on either side) at each marker. 4 markers = 8 plus begin and end of the row for another 2. (The kfb turns 1 st into 2.)

Thank you so much for clarifying that for me. I thought that kfb is knit from back only. So it’s knit front & back. Have a great day!