jumper pattern help needed

Hi guys, i am very new to knitting (only just started at the weekend) and i have started trying to make a jumper. For context i have 204 stitches on my needles currently, k21, k23(right sleeve), k21, k37(front), k21, k23(right sleeve), k21, k37 (back).

Can anyone help me with the next part of this pattern as i don’t really understand what i should do.

K2(raglan stitches), place right sleeve sts on a stitch holder, cast on 6 new sts at the underarm, K2(raglan stitches), knit front sts, K2 (raglan stitches), place left sleeve sts on stitch holder, cast on 6 new sts at the underarm, K2 (raglan stitches), knit back sts. There are now 132 sts on the needle for the body.

I have tried this already but ended up with 170 stitches for the body. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance for any help it is very appreciated

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What is the name of your pattern and designer? Are you supposed to have 204sts before dividing for the sleeves?

Hi, I bought the pattern off Etsy and yes I am supposed to have 204 before diving for the sleeves, then 132 for the body and I think 48 per sleeve

Image 04-12-2023 at 10.09

I have attached some of the pattern if that helps?

Good. It was the 21sts separating the back and front from the sleeves that were confusing. You should have the sts distributed this way: 2 raglan sts, right sleeve, 2 raglan, back, 2 raglan, left sleeve, 2 raglan, front.

It seems to me that the 21 sts should be divided between the sleeves and the fronts and back so that you have about 2 raglan sts, 43 sts right sleeve, 2 raglan, 57sts back, 2 raglan, 43 sts left sleeve, 2 raglan, 57sts front. That adds up to 208 sts which isn’t correct but that’s because the 21sts don’t divide evenly between sleeves and either fronts or back.
It does come closer however when you put the 43 sleeve sts on hold (86sts for both sleeves) and add in the 12 sts for the underarm (208-86+12=134).

How are the sts divided before you start the increases at the raglan stitches? Then we can calculate the distribution of sts among the different sections.

there are 52 stitches which are divided in this wayImage 04-12-2023 at 11.01

would it work to divide the 21 sts into 2 raglan then 19 sts which can be added to the right sleeve 23 to make 42 sts, then divide the 21 sts this time into the 2 raglan followed by 19 sts added to the 37 for the front to make 56, then the 21 is divided into the 2 raglan then 19 sts which can be added to be 23 sts for the left sleeve to make 42 sts and the final 21 stitches would be divided into 2 raglan and the remaining 19 can be added to the back 37 sts to make 56. so the sts would be as 2 raglan, 42 right sleeve, 2 raglan, 56 front, 2 raglan, 42 left sleeve, 2 raglan, 56 back? I think this adds to 204 and then the sleeves on hold (84 sts) and the underarm would become 132? (204-42-42+12= 132?)

I am not too sure about the actual logistics of this as I don’t really understand patterns yet but I would be interested in your opinion

What is the name of your pattern?
Your suggestion will work. That puts you on the right track and makes sense of the numbers. Well done!
What I’d like to be sure about is the distribution of sts to the sleeves and
front or back. Knowing this distribution and the pattern name and design would be helpful.

It is the Tessa sweater by StrikkeVorin on Etsy


Great looking sweater and no lace or patterning to account for in the divide for the sleeves. Your division of the sts works with the initial numbers plus increases at the raglan sts. Have fun working the rest of the sweater. This is a good start and a great adventure for a first sweater and first project. I hope we get to see a photo of the finished sweater!

Thank you so much for your help! I’ll keep you updated with how it’s going

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