Jumper help please!!


I’m knitting a double seed stitch (first jumper) and I’m really stuck on the front at the neck part. Think I might have messed it up sadly!
I’ve attached a picture of the pattern and my work. Any help and guidance would be really really appreciated!!image image

Welcome to KH!
The photo is with the right side (RS) or public side of the knitting facing? I’m not sure what the cast off circled in blue is.

There should be a decrease at the underarm on each side and then a gradual dec as one stitch is decreased at each end. Then the neck bind off is started.

As far as the neck goes, I would have expected that you would finish the left shoulder (left as you would wear the sweater) first. It looks like you’ve completed the right shoulder but that’s fine. You could then go back and work the right shoulder. The problem seems to be the circled area and perhaps the lack of a bind off on the opposite edge. I can’t tell in the photo of the sweater.

Your knitting looks lovely and is worth figuring this out.


Thanks so much for getting back to me!

So the blue circle bit was where I was reducing for the underarm and slightly panicked because it says that you need to finish 30 rows before the back and I didn’t have space so did it too quickly (was hoping I could hide it when I stitch it
together). Probably the wrong idea!!

Further honesty - I don’t know how you tell right side of pattern from wrong side yet so thought I could still turn it if needed?

I was wondering a couple more things

  • when I finish this bit, how do I go back and reattach the thread to my work?

  • when i go to do the rib stitch for the neck, do I pick up not only the stitches on the stitch holders but then also some of the decreased ones I’m doing now?

I really really appreciate your help and I hope I’m not being too much of an idiot with this!

Thank you,


Ah, I thought the decrease just below the blue circle was the decrease for the underarm. What is that earlier decrease? Do you have an underarm bind off on the other edge of the sweater?

You’re right, because it’s rib and seed stitch you can reverse the front. Right side or wrong side, it’s fine either way.

To attach a new strand of yarn for the second shoulder, leave about a 6" tail and begin knitting with the new end of yarn. The first stitch or two will be loose but you can snug up the tail to tighten the sts after a couple of rows.

For the neck, you’ll pick up sts in some places like the decrease area along the side of the shoulder and you’ll knit some sts directly from the holder.

All your questions are good ones. You’re doing really well and the sweater is going to be very pretty.

Hi Flora. As regards your not knowing yet which is the right side or wrong side, might I make a suggestion. I saw a tip on YouTube (I think it might have been from Watch Barbara Knit) and it said to attach a stitch marker anywhere on the right side and then if you get interrupted and put your work down mid-row you’ll always know which is the right side of your work. Hope this helps.


Thanks for everyone’s help! Managed to finish the front now and moved on to the sleeves

I’ve got another question - when it comes to shaping the underarm part, I’m doing it on circular needles. I’m casting off to shape now but as I continue knitting, my thread is coming across too so it’s leaving a trail each row. Is there anyway
of preventing this?

Thank you!!

You’ve been knitting the sleeves in the round but once you bind off for the underarm you should switch to knitting back and forth (knitting flat). You can keep working on the circular needles, just turn at the gap created by the bind off.