Jumbo Elephant by Zoe Mellor

I was wondering if any one else has followed the Jumbo Elephant pattern by Zoe Mellor in the book Knitted Toys ,

I have currently worked the front legs, back legs, trunk and main body and have managed to reverse the shape for the opposite side, but i am now stuck on the part they call the gusset, in which the instructions are

Work 1st -27 rows of legs
cast of

This is the description that has been giving, and i cant make out wether or not they mean the front legs in which it only goes up to 22 rows or the back legs in which go up to the 30th row, does this mean i stop before then, quite puzzled not very clear to me, Was hoping some one could shred some light on this for me

Thank You x

Claire :muah:

Hi Claire,

I’m also following the pattern and went through the front part ok, but noted a couple of error: Would you agree that the body (front & back legs + trunk) should come to 72st and not 62?

Also p109 on how to make the second piece it’s written Front leg, Cast 11st Work 32 rows: should be 22 no?

I’m also struggling with the gusset. Did you received some useful answers?



Looks like this was posted some time ago, but I’m also having a horrible time figuring out how to create the elephant’s gusset. I feel like some instructions are wrong, and this one is just unclear. Can anyone help?

Can you quote the lines that refer to the gusset in the pattern and tell us where you’re having problems? Don’t quote the whole pattern, just the area you’re having trouble with.