July Magknits

Not sure if someone already posted that a new one is up, but I’m in love with Stargazer :inlove:

I am definitely going to have to knit this!

I never saw that pattern before. ITs very pretty.

I’d love to make one with you but I have so many projects I’m working on. I’d get too far behind and never catch up. Good luck on yours. Be sure and post a picture when you are done.

I reallllllly like stargazer too, but I would want to omit the big v in the back. Hmmmmm. ?? I’ve been on a Kimono style sweater hunt for a while now. I may just break down and look for some yarn in the stash and cast on.

You could seam the sleeves together up the back as far as you want. The Klaralund sweater is constructed similarly, only without the overlaps and the back is sewn up for 3 or more inches.

I like Nereides and Stargazer…I’d love to knit Nereides but I really don’t understand the beading as she talks about it–I’ve never added beads to my knitting although I think its beautiful!! I guess I could just do the pattern w/o the beads.