July 2019, Whatcha' Knitting?


Summer knitting in full swing. Is it too early to think of Christmas and holiday projects?
What’s on your needles or what have you completed lately?



There are five pregnant women where I work, two due in August, one in mid September and another in December. I am knitting one baby blanket after another. I’m trying to mix it up a little-one is an Orenburg lace shawl, one from an old Wheldon’s knitting pattern that was in a Piecework Magazine and I’m working on a third right now from a pattern I found on Ravelry. I’ll post pictures once all the blocking done. I obviously don’t mind doing it and baby blankets afford a good deal of variety.



While waiting for my baby to come out and see how beautiful the world is.


Congratulations on the expected baby! Beautiful slippers in lovely colors.


To use up the left over yarns from the afghans I made last year I made mittens for the incoming kinder garden class at the school where DSC00010%20Mittens%201 DSC00009%20Mittens2 was the crossing guard


You are amazing! All those gorgeous mittens, one pair after another. That is the luckiest incoming kindergarten class ever.


Thank you Salmonmac. I just though I could use up those leftover yarns . There is over 30 pairs of mittens. I got two pairs out of a full skein. Some colors had enough to get three pairs .


Daylily, it is most impressive and so kind of you!