July 2017 What'cha Knitting?


Beautifil sweater! Nice color ! How hard was it to do all that cabling? I am a fairly experienced knitter but always avoided something that intricate. I guess one day i will have to take the bull by the horns and do a sweater like that. I also have an issue with bulky yarn and using needles over size 10. My trials and tribulations.


Thank you both. You are very kind.

GG, the yarn is Juniper Moon Tenzing.

Tricia, the cabling is slow but then I’m a slow knitter anyway. It’s not hard to do, even without a cable needle but it’s not mindless and it does take time.


i’m making the debbie bliss child bolero sweater. had trouble where it says “turn” since i didn’t realize she was talking about short rows. i hope it turns (no pun intended) out okay as it’s been a lot of work.


absolutely beautiful sweater. you are an amazing knitter!!!


Pookie1717 welcome and thanks very much!
We’ve just been talking about different ways of working short rows.

Which method are you using?


What a beautiful sweater! Does it use cables, or not?

It has been hot where I live too. And also humid. There have also been a lot of rain and storms.


Hi, Been struggling to finish this mkal all this month, it got very hot(temper and temperature lol) even though it’s much cooler now - typical!!

While I’m delighted to have finished it, I’m feeling a bit lost now it’s done.
Onto the next project then :slightly_smiling_face:


Magnificent, an absolutely stunning shawl! it could not be more elegant.
What yarn and pattern did you use?


I would love to try my hand on something as beautiful as that. Could you provide a link? It is very intricate and looks like it would be a challenge.how long did it take you to finish?


Wow, this is Beautiful! You are so talented :grinning:


I’m using Tii Casa Knitting videos on YouTube where you don’t have any w&t’s easy to follow tutorials for two at a time socks.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Stretchy Bind off


Thank you I used Monarch by Debonnaire, a merino/silk 2 ply lace and the pattern is called Summer’s Solace by Designs by Mesha. This is the second of her mkals on ravelry I’ve tried this year, she’s a talented lady.


Thank you, this is the link for her ravelry page for this shawl. The mkal lasted about 6weeks :blush:


Not really, just an average knitter and I’m still learning with every project I try, but thank you all the same :blush: (you got me blushing now lol)


Now this is what I call talented TAAT, wow!! I’d end up tied in knots :joy:


I love your shawl! So beautifully done.


Thank you x
It was an interesting mkal to take part in and quite a challenge for me :sweat:


Here’s what I’ve got so far of the latest baby blanket.


What a beautiful shawl! Where did you find the pattern?


That is a show-stopper! You have a wonderful eye for color.