July 2017 What'cha Knitting?


here’s the front, blocked


Looks lovely, so even and such a beautiful color.
What pattern are you using and which yarn?


I have now gotten to the point where I messed up last time. In order to Kitchener the edges together, I have to slip all the K stitches while working all the P stitches so the front doesn’t end up a row bigger than the back. Last time, I was still working with both yarns together so the unworked yarn got trapped between the 2 layers for the first 1/2 of the border. When I tried to tug it out, I pulled the wrong strand and had a row of super-tight stitches. I wasn’t about to think 3 rows so I tried frogging to that point. I could not get the stitches to pick up properly. The whole border got frogged. I started over again a couple of days ago. I’ll post another pic after I get it off the needles.


It’s the “whipped cream sweater” from We Are Knitters website. A little pricey, but everything you need is in kit. The picture doesn’t catch my mistakes thank goodness


The end is in sight! After 10 hours of grafting today, I have turned the last corner and am working on the 4th side of the towel. I noticed that the stitches seem a little crowded in the middle of both sides. After all the problems I’ve faced just getting the border done, I’m leaving it as it is.


The grafting looks perfect and works well with the towel.
. I think that after 10 hours of it you qualify for either the Theoretical Physics chair at MIT or Miss Kitchener, 2017!


Awww! Thanks!

I’ve actually been at it for 3 days!


That is beautiful.


Follow-up on the most recent baby blanket:

I completed the knitting Friday and got it washed and blocked. It was dry Sunday, unpinned and boxed up. I sent it priority mail about 11:30 Monday morning. My niece delivered her baby girl today at 2:21 AM mountain time. The blanket arrived at my sister’s house at 3:45 PM mountain time. That was cutting it very close!


Congratulations auntie! :smile:


I finished my Skew socks in Regia Fluormania Color 7188. I actually stuck to the pattern for the most part. The magenta repeats in the yarn bleed like crazy but the other colors didn’t get ruined by it, thank goodness. I’ll definitely make more. This pair only took me getting past about 4 years of intimidation just to find out the pattern really isn’t hard. I got them hand washed today and they’re almost dry, ready for a chilly fall day.


Looking good! This pattern really is an exercise in following directions since the heel is so unconventional. Great yarn choice…


They look great! Love the colors.


Looks beautiful!


Thanks! Do I recall correctly that you made a pair? It seems really not so bright now but I worked them mirror image from the beginning. Why? Because someone else was doing it that way.

I think I now have an intuitive understanding of how this pattern works and will be able to modify it as I please. I plan to start another pair soon. This time I want to try a provisional cast on then Kitchener the toe shut; I think that will be more to my liking. And to think I do toe up in part to avoid Kitchenering toes. lol My grandgirl wants a pair and she’ll need a wider sock so that means more stitches and adjusting as needed for heel, mini gusset, short rows.


Thanks. They scream! It’s chilly here this morning, my feet decided I need to wear my new socks. They are comfy. They’ll sure be a bright spot on a dreary, rainy day.


They sure would brighten up any day.


You’re welcome. Hope you enjoy them!


Just finished this sweater from the winter 2016/17 Vogue Knitting. It’s 100 degrees here so the photo was necessarily a rush job and in shorts too.

Its this pattern knit in Juniper Moon Tenzing.


I love that, really love the color. What yarn is it?

Thanks for suffering through a photo session. In that heat I would have to say no way. It’s cool here today, I’m even wearing socks.