July 2017 What'cha Knitting?


Not really, just an average knitter and I’m still learning with every project I try, but thank you all the same :blush: (you got me blushing now lol)


Now this is what I call talented TAAT, wow!! I’d end up tied in knots :joy:


I love your shawl! So beautifully done.


Thank you x
It was an interesting mkal to take part in and quite a challenge for me :sweat:


Here’s what I’ve got so far of the latest baby blanket.


What a beautiful shawl! Where did you find the pattern?


That is a show-stopper! You have a wonderful eye for color.


Wow that is beautiful, looks like s pin wheel


That was the idea behind it. I figured out the repeat for the shaker dishcloth so I could make it bigger. I’m working double-stranded and changing out one strand at the end of each wedge. It’ll end up a full circle. I’m currently working with blue and purple. After that, I’ll do a wedge with 2 strands of purple and another wedge with purple and pink. Then I get to Kitchener stitch it closed and I’ll be done.


How yummy!


That is beautiful! Love the colors and how they create a feast for the eyes.


Thank you x
The pattern is an mkal I took part in on ravelry called Summer’s Solace (link further up - 52)


You’re welcome, and thank you. I will check that out.


It’s gorgeous, great job accomplished!


Thank you X


Lace and seed beads! Is it your nature to find the hardest way to do something, and then do it well?

Impossible mission success. Looks great.


Thank you Jack, but you’re a bright one to say that - I’m in awe at some of your skills!! not only the ones that use yarn!!


Here is a project i finished in July.
First the empty dice bag.

Same bag now full.

Both are on a standard letter sized (approx. A1) sheet of paper.


That is wonderful! Metylda.

My daughter’s would kill me if a daired to make that. They are Whovians.


So many things going on here! The dice bag looks to be a perfect size and a great stitch pattern.
Is the Don’t Blink a double knit? Great looking weeping angel.