Thanks again. That’s what I will do. I think that is what people are finding - that it poofs or flairs a bit on the lace.

Here’s a pic of the cardigan I made for my daughter. It turned out too big, even with swatching, so it’ll be going to my 5-y-o niece instead. In the meantime, I’ve started a new Juliet for my daughter after re-calculating my stitch counts. For more detail, please see my blog. :wink:

Jackie, that is really cute!

I love this pattern - I started it a few weeks ago - I am up to the part you start the lace design. I had some Knit Picks yarn in my stash that I doubled. I am making this for someone else so it will be fine for that person. But when I make it for me I have already bought some Debbie Bliss Chunky Cashermino - I think I will like it not so bulky as it is with the 2 strands of the worsted weight yarn. I am making the longer version.

The pattern is great - you knit it all in one piece - no sewing when you are done!!!

Ok, I made it to the lace! Now for my probably silly questions…

The patterns says to set up (RS)…is there a RS at this point?? It’s all garter so I don’t see which is which, or are they just getting us going on RS and WS?


Should I decrease my needle size now or when I actually start the lace?

Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

I think it would mean that the next row will be the RS, so mark it so you’ll know. Keep with the same needle until you start the lace. A lace pattern expands more than garter or St st, so using one size smaller will keep it from being too expansive.

Well, my [I]Juliet [/I]is coming along nicely. I just put the sleeves onto scrap yarn (I’m going to make them a bit longer than cap length) and have knit a few rows. I’m making the longer version and I’m loving the yarn I’m using. Sooooo soft!!!

I put my sleeves on scrap yarn too. Although I just tried it on and I don’t think I will have to add too much length to them. I think an inch or so should be fine.

I have about an inch to go before I start the lace. Yay!!! Here are a couple pics I took the other day. Not the best because I took them with my phone but you get the idea. I’d love to see progress pics from you guys too!


I love the blue! It’s so pretty. :slight_smile: Here are some of my progress so far

Thanks! Yours looks great too!

Yours both look great! I still haven’t started the lace section, but I am ready to go. I think I got a bit carried away and ended up with 5 inches of garter under the arms, but I think it will work. It is very difficult to get a good picture of mine…it keeps looking like a black blob. This is the best I was able to do.

It looks great April! Looks like we are all starting the lace around the same time. I just got done the garter and am getting ready to do the set up row. :cheering:

Looks great! I haven’t had much knitting time today so I’m not quite at the lace yet, but soon I hope! I want to finish it so I can get on with my Christmas knitting. :slight_smile:

I just started on the lace part last night. I got one repeat done. It’s looking really nice. :slight_smile:

Well, I am hating the lace section. I think it is the acrylic I am using. I should have had more patience and waited to order something with a bit more “give”. I am also finding that it seems to be too big in the back and I am getting a gap.

I am thinking about putting this on hold until I get some different yarn and just starting over. Lambs Pride Bulky maybe?

Anyone still working on this? I have about 2 more repeats of the lace before I’ll be done with that. Then I’ll pick up the sleeve stitches…I haven’t decided how long I might go though.

How is everyone else doing?

I’m doing a knock off of it; I just put in my own lace pattern. It’s acrylic and has plenty of `give’ whatever you mean by that. I have probably about 2/3 the length I need for the body, then go to work on the sleeves.

This pattern knit up with smaller needles and with a finer yarn would make the perfect bed jacket. I have been looking for a nice bed jacket type pattern. Any suggestions on gauge, needle size and yarn suzeeq (keeping in mind I am allergic to wool)? Thanks for the help.


I just joined yesterday so I have no clue what “Juliet” is. Sorry! :wink:

A top down raglan cardi vest with the top in garter stitch and the body in a lace pattern. I’m making mine with long sleeves. http://www.zephyrstyle.com/catalog/item.cfm/2367447/4944404