Juliet - Pattern Help

Hi ladies,
I have a question. I am working on Juliet from Zephyr Style. Actually I’ve been working on it for over a year and recently frogged it and started over. Anyways I have a problem I have done everything so far up to the lace section. All stitch counts correct. Now I’m on row 5 of the lace part. This is the pattern: K3*YO,SKP,P1,K2TOG,YO,K9 repeat from * end last repeat with K7, slm,K3.

Ok I have done this row and get to the end but now I only have 5 stitches my marker then 3 stitches. Did I knit more than 9 somewhere? Is there a way to fix this now or should I just go and rip back this row and start over?

Thanks for the help ladies.


I looked it up and can’t find anything on errors in the pattern…I would try ripping it back and trying it again…if that doesn’t work post back with the number of sts you start row 5 with :thumbsup:

It says the last repeat will end with k7 instead of k9, so that may be it. Also make sure your YOs are just a wrap around the needle, not a wrap AND k1. There should be no knit sts between the first YO and dec, and 9 only after the 2nd YO in the repeat. The first k3 isn’t repeated. Check to make sure you didn’t k7 or 8 instead of k9 somewhere. Go to the beginning of the row and name your sts - k3, over, dec, purl, dec, over, k9, over, dec, purl dec, over k9, etc. You just might have done something wrong, forgetting a dec maybe.

Thanks I will do that.