Juggling Yarn vs. Stitching Together Later

I’m just starting an afghan with 5 horizontal stripes, which means juggling 5 balls of yarn and constant untangling and untwisting. The alternative would be to knit it in 5 panels, like scarves, then stitch them together later. I hate that, but it would make life much easier now. Any opinions or suggestions?

How many rows do you knit with each color?

Do you mean vertical stripes? Are you using intarsia where you cross the yarns at each color change? If that’s what you’re doing then you could seam the stripes. I would probably just stripe horizontally and NOT carry the yarn if the stripes are wide enough. Or only carry one color at a time and weave in the ends. If the stripes are more than a few rows wide you probably shouldn’t carry the yarns up the side anyway. It’s messy that way.

Oh and no way in heck I’d seam it. Just my personal preference, but I wouldn’t like seams on the back of my afghan.

Sorry, my original post was confusing, since vertical and horizontal depend on how you look at it. What I meant was lengthwise stripes.
I could have made this afghan like 5 scarves, then put them together later, but I have this quirky aversion to doing that. When a piece leaves my needles I want it to be finished. If I have to go back and put things together later, it takes the fun out of it for me. OTOH, if that method would save a ton of time over juggling and untwisting balls of yarn, I would force myself to consider it.
Yes, I’m doing intarsia, but I never put a name to it before. When I looked it up, I discovered I was supposed to be putting the new yarn over the old, but I’ve been doing the opposite. I don’t know why it would matter, but I’m not going to change it now. It looks fine and there are no gaps or holes where I change colors.
It took me a whole day of fooling around with all the yarn, since one strand carries all the way across and 2 of the stripes are double-stranded anyway, so I have doubles and triples to mess with. I re-wound the double strands together, which helped some, then I discovered the little hairclip idea to keep the balls from unwinding. I use circular needles, so it was also important to make sure all the balls were on the outside before starting the next row. I settled on a simple k2 p1 stitch, so I’ve decided this won’t take any longer than a complicated stitch in one color.
I was really frustrated when I posted this, cuz I’ve already had several false starts on this afghan, but now I like it and I’ve finally got it under control. :thumbsup:
Thanks for the input. :hug:

I’d much rather juggle the 5 skeins of yarn than seam later! I love seamless blankets, and if it takes intarsia, so be it! Besides, seamless blankets are sturdier, and don’t come apart, EVER.

I didn’t think about it being sturdier and this afghan will definitely see some wear, so that settles it. Thanks. :hug: