Judy's Magic Cast On

I recently started knitting this pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mary-mary-booties. However, after so many rows, it seems like there is maybe too much of the work on the needle…I really can’t explain it, so here is my problem:

Is this the way it’s supposed to be or am I doing something wrong? Thank you.

That looks similar to a couple of slipper patterns I’ve done. But you mean you think there’s too many stitches and it will be too long? When you do a cast on like JMCO or turkish or figure 8 where you end up with sts on both sides of the cast on line, you need to CO so there’s half the number on each needle.

What yarn and what size needles are you using?

That looks right so far. The pattern gives you the total number of sts at the end of each line for the increase rounds. It looks like you’re about at round 8 or 9 where you begin to work the knit purl ribs for the toe.

I’m using size 4 needles and bernet baby yarn. Is it supposed to be creating a such a large gap between the needles?

It’s not really a gap, the sts are on the same row/round. Just pull the loop out and it’s magic loop.

How long is your cable? Is it long enough to not pull the stitches too much when you loop it? I find working the first and last stitches with a backwards wrap to twist the stitch then making sure I knit into the back loop next time around helps.

So this laddering is ok?? Sorry…I’m really confused on this one

Oh, it didn’t look like that in the other picture. That’s a bit much. You can pull the loop of cord out like magic loop, but not through the same stitches all the time. It may even out when you’re done though.

How long is the cable?

Yes, it may be that the cable is too short and is putting too much tension on the sts that are on the two needles or that you’re using a loose tension and the yarn is pulling between sts on the two needles. The stitches at each end should be right next to each other even though on different sides of the needles.

I think it’s a 24" which is too short, obviously lol so when I switch to the other needle on the same round, I should pull tight?

Ah, yes, too short. It just puts too much tension at the loops between parts of the knitting. You could go to a larger needle or switch to dpns and mark the beginning of round. Tugging a little on the first stitch after you switch needles may help but it may also just make it a tug-o-war with the needles.

I think you can ML the needle though, I’ve done it with the KPs needles. Pull the cord a little more and that can bring the 2 sets of sts closer together.

Ah-ha! I finally got it!! Thank you everyone!!

I’m so glad you figured out what was wrong. Luckily you weren’t too far along on the booties. Other than the gap, your stitches look so nice and even, truly beautiful.