Judy's Magic Cast On

Is it possible to use this cast on with DPNs? Thanks for any help. I searched online but haven’t come up with any thing with DPNs.

If you scroll down it gives a brief explanation of casting on and getting started on dpns. This is what I used to learn it.

Thanks. That was fast. Do you know if there is a video anywhere?

FYI - I tried that one once. I like the Turkish Cast-on better. Was just easier for me.


Have fun!

Here’s a video of Cat Bordhi demonstrating Judy’s Magic cast on.

Thank you so much for this Turkish Cast On :hug::muah: I love it . I have never seen it before:woohoo::cheering::woot::yay:

mee 2 never seen it before am very to know 1 more type …thnks