Jssbo and log cabin blanket?

I just learned about this way to bind off in this forum!

My question…would this be a good idea when knitting a log cabin blanket? There is a lot of binding off, and picking up stitches with this pattern.

I wonder if the jssbo would be too stretchy and therefore the rectangles would be off kilter in their shape?

Has anyone tried this?

Thank you!

I find it a bit too loose and messy looking personally, BUT I’m already a loose knitter so that may be part of the problem. I tend to only use it for sock tops. Personally, I think I’d use a standard bind off with one needle size larger and try not to tug to tightly. It’s kind of personal choice though.

Thank you Jan. That makes sense.
I love the needle larger idea! I will use that on
My next blanket.

You mentioned you have the Mason Dixon book. I just got it recently. Have you ever made the flying geese blanket? I am intrigued and not sure if I could do it.
I tried a sample with the triangles, and I did not
Like how the knit2 tog looked kind of bumpy…messy.

Is there a tip for knit2 tog to make it look smoother.
I tugged tight…I am on the tight side of knitting.
If I knit looser would it be better or worse?

Reading the whole pattern it is a bit confusing, but by
Trying it perhaps it will begin to make sense.

So I thought of you! My log cabin guru. I have bought
Fall colours for another log cabin blanket…the maroon
Would be nice triangles in the flying geese blanket.

Would be awesome to see a picture of one done by someone else.

Have a happy day!


I haven’t made Flying Geese blanket. I will check the pattern in a little while and see if I can help anyway.

I’ve made the Heartbreakingly Cute One Piece Kimono a couple times -

And the Baby Bib O’ Love-

And of course the Log Cabin blanket which I don’t have a picture of.

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Jan, those are adorable. I’m looking at the kimono now myself for a new baby.
Bluejaygirl, there are many projects on Ravelry for the flying geese blanket that may help.

I wouldn’t tighten up on the k2tog. Just work with your usual tension. It should even out with blocking or washing. The k2tog stitch itself usually doesn’t cause the problem anyway. It’s the 2 sts that are knit together that may seem loose. Try washing your test swatch and see if it helps.

Hi Jan,

Your kimono and bib are so adorable!

I love the making the flying geese pattern. It is fun watching
The triangles take shape. Now to get the hubby,
Who just got used to my giant skeins for the
Next log cabin blanket, to understand I need
More skeins for this flying geese blanket project.

Thank you! So helpful!
Fingers crossed.

Thanks @salmonmac and @Bluejaygirl5!

Looking at the pattern… Yeah, I’d just knit the k2tog and not worry about it. Once the blanket is washed and dried (or blocked for wool) everything kind of just blends in nicely.

My husband has more hobbies than I do that require more stuff and more money so he never says a thing about my yarn. lol

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I will be using either worsted weight or acrylic since nursing homes wash in very hot water and hot dryers.

Would love to find the colours she used in the book.
First though, autumn log cabin.

I looked on Ravelry and unfortunately there are other projects, but none from the designer so you’re on your own there. Speaking of Ravelry…did you look at the log cabins on there? So many designs and colors! Fun to look at!

I did…it is a great site.