Jordanna Paige

:happydance: ooooh i just called and asked if they are planning on doing the messenger bag in any other colors. She said that they are expecting a Pink, black, and white tweed version in around December 10th and having it available for purchase about a week or so after that!

and to think i was gonna order the camel one! :happydance:

pay off the car with christmas money? BAH! i am buying me the messenger bag! :wink: :heart:

bj I want to know how you like it when you get. it’s awfully tempting!
have you ever seen in person?

i haven’t seen the messengers and since i didn’t really want the other ones (even though i think they look lovely…just not big enough to carry the world of brenda AND the knitting…lol) i didn’t really pay attention to them that much. sooooo i wait! :wink: i know there are others that have the purse at the very least. not sure about anybody having the messenger bags.

oh bren, thank GOODNESS you posted this!!! I’ve been thinking about ordering the ugly brown for a few weeks now, but coudln’t bring myself to do it. PRETTY IN PINK here I come wooohooooooooooooooooooo :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

i am DYING to hear about this bag when you get it. I actually want the camel one though. <giggle> I haven’t seen one in person, but I have been drooling over this bag for weeks now, so I’m impatiently awaiting your ratings on it! ENJOY IT! :slight_smile:

Oh Brenda thanks for posting this! I can’t wait to see the pretty new colors! Maybe I can convince DH to get me one for Christmas!

Hey Benniesma! I’m making that same scarf…how are you doing with it? I’ve only got about 6 inches. :wink:

I’ve been eyeing the blue one, as I’m a blue/purple person.
but the brown is pretty too.

Does anybody have the purse? I’m sooo tempted to buy it, but the price tag holds me back I’m currently using a messenger bag I won with my casino pts, and it works great for my current knitting project – just doesn’t look too cool.

there are a couple of people who have them…i know Silver won one on Ebay not too long ago…and maybe VickiIL has one? someone else did…

hrmmm…or was it not Silver…now i am doubting that for some reason… :thinking:

yeah both of those names are probably wrong but YES…SOMEONE here has it…lol

Brendajos – I :heart: your quote! It is one of my fav lines from that movie :smiley:

well Katrina inspired me…ahem :rollseyes:

Yep yep brenda… that was me. I snagged this baby on ebay for like half the price of a new one. I LOVE it and I’m still using it today. I was using it as both my regular purse and knitting bag in one, but have since switched to just a knitting bag… only because I tend to carry a lot of tools n stuff with me. Great bag… great buy even at full price.

Yea I remember when you first got that bag. As soon as I saw a pic I was in love. Have been wanting one so bad ever since.

Yup all your fault Silver! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the purse too. I have been dying to get a messenger bag, but keep debating over the colors. Glad to hear some new colors are coming soon. Doesn’t seem like it will be soon enough for Christmas, so I will just save my money and purchase an after-Christmas gift for myself! :cheering:

Yep bren. I have it too. It is a great bag. I use it only as a knitting bag not as a purse. I keep patterns and tools in the purse side and my yarn and project in the other side. I absolutely love the bag. I went back and forth on whether I wanted to purse or the messanger bag and when I saw this on ebay I couldn’t resist the price. I absolutely love this bag :inlove: