Jordana Paige Bags - opinions?

I keep being overcome with lust for the Jordana Paige Knitter’s Satchel. Before this, I lusted after the Messenger Bag… so obviously I have a problem with staying true to one bag design. I don’t actually have either, and I don’t actually need either, and they’re expensive…

… but anyway, if anyone has any comments to make about the bags, I’d love to hear them… to help me with my decision-making process. I haven’t seen the Satchel in person - saw the Namaste version at Wool & Co. this weekend and wasn’t really impressed, so if you have experience with both and can compare them, so much the better. Also, are they comfortable to carry? Do the materials hold up (I’ve seen used bags posted for sale and they seem to rip inside a bunch…)?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Kare :heart:

I love love love love my knitters satchel! I should have brought it with me when we saw you in Febuary :doh:

The only thing I don’t like about it (and it is a big not like) is that if you fill it too full the top clasp does not hold. It is great to use as a purse and to carry a small project (like socks, scarves, hats, wrist warmers, etc.) but fitting anything larger is a problem. I ended up wrapping a hair tie around the claps so it would stay shut, but I crammed a TON of stuff in their while out of town.

Other than that I love it - the leather is just luxuourious! I have the graphite one! I love my husband for spoiling me with it! :cheering:

Thanks, Sara! (And I’m extra happy the leather isn’t really leather, too! Not that I totally eschew leather - I haven’t gone vegan (yet?) - but if I can get an alternative, I’m happy!)

How long have you had it? I’m still concerned about the tearing that seems to happen in the linings… :thinking:

I love mine. I’ve had it since last May and I pretty much carry it with me every day. It has enough room for knitting, a small purse, etc.

My only complaint is that it’s not deep enough for most books. I usually copy patterns anyways, but a few times I’ve had a problem with this.

Check the buy/sell/swap forum for pics and info, too.

Jan, do you mean Silver’s posting, or is there another one?

Yeah, Silver’s post. I just realized it may be a different bag though. :doh:

yeah it is the bag that is no longer made. …and i love that bag.

anyway i have the messenger bag in the pink tweed and i love it BUT i did have a problem with the bag tearing at the seams. it still works well for when i have a lot of stuff to carry (and i mean A LOT!) but the fact that it tore like that in less than a year of use bothers me. I also found the strap peeled a little bit but it isn’t noticable where it happened, i only know because i had to take it off of there.

I did fit a lot of stuff in there… i was able to tote around baby blankets i was working on even (yeah that could have been the tearing problem and like to blame it on that so i don’t have to worry that it is the construction) and i do still use it when i need to… but sadly, i would not buy another style of THIS bag from her. I am not opposed to NEW styles from her though.

I’ve only had my bag since Christmas and I don’t really carry it all that much - no need to carry a purse/knitting to work when you work from home :wink: It doesn’t seem to have all that many lose fabric parts that can rip or get caught. Like Elizabeth said it really doesn’t fit books all that well - I could get the Sensational Knitted socks in there but it had to be bent a little to get it in there.

I’ve only used the red knitters purse, but I loved it while I was using it. I stuffed it with everything I might need. I know praise doesn’t help now since it’s discontinued, but I can only imagine that JP bags have gotten better! :slight_smile:

Bump… just for this morning in case anyone has any more comments…

I also have the pink tweed messenger bag, and I love it! However, I did find it a little large for an everyday tote for projects. The bag is VERY roomy, and I can fit multiple projects, patterns and “stuff.” I got it for Mother’s day a year ago, and I haven’t had any problems with tearing, etc…

You probably need the messenger bag AND the knitters satchel! (me too!!)

:teehee: Oh no… an enabler… :teehee:

I don’t own either, but I’ve been lusting after the satchel for a couple of months now so I can post here right? : :twisted:

I saw one in blue at my LYS the other day and it was surprisingly large. And beautiful. Upon quick inspection, it appeared to be well-made (of course, time will tell) and I like that it has the snap closure. The pockets are basic but sufficient. I’ve heard accounts that the bag tips over sometimes, but I would think it’d be fine if you stuffed it evenly and not front heavy.

I love the grape and even asked if my LYS can special order (they can), but I’m still waiting for the lightning to strike sigh

Jordana Paige satchels and messenger bags are on sale at a slight discount here… not that I keep searching the Internet for lower prices or anything… :shifty:

ETA: Shipping and handling might get the prices back up to the level of the other places it’s sold… ah well… :shrug:

Karen, I have the purple Satchel and LOVE it…but I have the same complaints as SJ and ecuzz…it pops open a lot when it’s stuffed and I can’t fit a lot of books in there.

I also have the pink tweed Messenger that I was totally :thud: about when I got it, then lost interest in it :shrug: It’s a nice bag, I just change mine all the time :oops:

Andrea, I remember seeing your Messenger Bag and that’s what originally got me all interested in Jordana Paige (and by the way, does everyone know that Jordana herself is all of 23 years old!?! And she started her business as a teenager!?! I had no idea until I googled her yesterday!). But I agree, I seem to have gotten over the Messenger Bag for some reason, I don’t know why…

Anyway, I’m just going to let this whole concept percolate in my brain for a while like I did with the Messenger Bag - originally I was going to tell DH (who was asking for suggestions) to get it for my birthday last year, but by the time my birthday came around, I was over it. So I’ll wait on the satchel, too, and see what time does. It’s not like I have nothing else to carry knitting, or anything else, in… :oops: