Jordan Paige is taunting us

are we gonna put up with this? yeah prolly…

she has pictures of the messenger bag online and i gotta say, i am lovin’ on the camel and black!!

oh yeah, but still not available :wall:

poo! i was just starting a new thread on this! how did you beat me!!!
My post was going to be…

I just got an email… the bags will “hopefully” be ready by the end of August!!! woohooo!!

messenger bag
graffiti purse

There are other threadson the forum that discuss jordana paige, too, if anyone is interested.

I just saw the graffiti bag with someone on knitty gritty! I HAVE to have one these (I’m thinking the purse) :wink:

i really am NOT into the colors, though… blue and black??? camel and brown??? can we BE anymore boring??? What about PINK and lime green? Or yellow and red-violet??? Sheesh! I am not about to spend that much $$ on an ugly bag. I might as well just order the red one now… :mad: I like the red one though! and I like the messenger bag… jut not the colors.

ooooooooooh pink and lime greeeeen…what is the matter with me that i can’t walk past those colors without becoming hypotized in believing i must have them? I don’t know i am thinkin’ the camel and black is good for carrying all my stuff to work too. just have to think about how much i will want to use that bag for what i am guessing the price will be. i have a purse problem ya know…i get bored too quickly.

If you let the pictures run on her home page there’s a guy knitting with a manly looking messenger bag. I love it!

I have the red purse (b-day present) and I love it. The original messenger bag that she had on her website was really boxy and I didn’t care for it. The one she has on there know is pretty normal looking. I have to say that my purse is wonderful so far.

I dont like the zipper in the project compartment. My yarn sometimes gets snagged on the make-up bag that holds my notions…there should be NO zippers in a knitting bag. At least on the project side!

I DO like the idea of a clear pocket for your pattern, though!

i didn’t want to call that girls bags ugly, but i was thinking it! thank you for taking the words right out of mymouth!!! :thumbsup:

I like that red one (looks bright pink to me though). Other ones look too big and I know if I start carrying around a big bag, it’s going to get stuffed. My philosophy is to carry small and travel light whenever possible.

I LOVE the messenger bag…love, love!!! But, will use, use what I have…lol!! I already have too many project bags…although, none this cool!! I would put it on my Christmas list…but it’s full of knitting software and Birks…lol :smiley:

THAT guy is that blond chick’s girlfriend. I know that because hew ALSO wrote an article for this summer’s knitty, and it mentioned it in his bio… he’s also a super hot marine WHO KNITS. (the blond chick is sister to jordana, I think)

Mine is too… full of birks, that is :wink:

I think I like the red purse the best all though the messenger bag would be good when I go home… I saw the graffitti bag on knitty gritty too I wondered where she got it LOL. Prolly put it on my Christmas list and see which I get Boyes interchangeables or a knitting purse :thinking:

You know…DH’s aunt has a bag that is shaped alot like the red JP purse, but its from Victoria’s Secret. Fun, funky colors, it stands up on its own & is the PERFECT size. I think Im gonna have to go hunting for THAT.

I got the e-mail too and thought, maybe in August! We have been waiting a long time to have the chance to purchase the messenger bag. I have the red purse and love, love, love it. (as I have said many times before) :wink: I actually don’t mind the colors of the new messenger bags. I agree though, sometime more sporty and bright might be fun too! I also love the lime green and bright pink. I am drawn to them too!

i don’t think that guy in the photos is the girl’s boyfriend…they don’t look like the same person. also, the bio says he’s in kuwait which probably makes it hard to do a photo shoot

sorry laney, but she’s right. I just checked the knitty website, and lo and behold it says : Elizabeth (His girlfriend) is the hottie seen on the website of her sister’s company, Jordana Paige, and in the pages of Knitty. Just thought I would fuel the fires of debate!! hee hee

Don’t take me too seriously, wouldn’t want a flame in my inbox!!


I think we’re getting confused…the guy who wrote the article for Knitty (Tyler) is the marine who is the boyfriend to Elizabeth the model of Jordana Paige and But, the guy who modeled on the page of Jordana Paige isn’t Tyler the marine, the boyfriend of Elizabeth. Does that make any sense? :thinking: :smiley:

OK, laney, thanks for pointing out the fact that i go off half cocked every once in a while!! hee hee

I was confused, I admit it.

well it appears that the bag is available. $85 plus ship