Jon and Kate Plus 8 anyone?

Does anyone else here watch this show? My parents and I all love it so much. It’s definitely my favorite reality tv show. Probably because everything about it is so real. We love watching the parents interact with each other. I have one friend who thinks the mom is rude, but I love how they’re not like every other “perfect” couple on those types of shows, they’re actually real people. And, they obviously love each other. The kids are so cute. And surprisingly well behaved for the most part. It give me hope after watching shows like Supernanny where parents don’t even know how to handle three kids.

I watch the show! I think it’s great to see 2 people with their hands soo full of little ones who can still laugh and enjoy life! I think Kate seems like a really good mom, she is more organized than I will ever be thats for sure!!

I watch it occasionally. I think Kate is rude sometimes, but really, with 8 kids who wouldn’t be sometimes!? You can tell she loves her hubby and kids.

I am always amazed that they didn’t have much help and are raising such nice kids. And it’s also amazing that she feeds them so well w/o fast food or junk food when her time is so limited. I wonder if she sleeps. :teehee:

I watch it when it’s on, I don’t like John though… He seems to not like being tied down like that. But other than that it’s an ok show…
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My daughter and I love this show!! You are right Jan who wouldn’t be rude? I am amazed they are so organized. Did you see the episode with all her posti notes? (it was when the little ones were babies, before it was a series)

I catch it when I can, too. I can’t imagine what MY house would look like if I had her job. :ick: She washes the floor 186 times a day!

Pictures of the first potty poop? I’d skip that one.:teehee:

I watch it and I really enjoy it. Monday nights are TLC night at my house. Between them and the Rohloffs, you have a very nice night of entertainment.

Kate is a bit abrasive but she is balance by how laid back Jon is. She was annoyed with his breathing and so he puffs out his cheeks and holds his breath. :thumbsup:

Just can’t drum up any enthusiasm for it.

I wanna be a Gossling :teehee:

I swear, I would be Kate if I had that many kids. Both of them love each other and the kids, and if John seems a bit distant, I think he makes up for it w/ the pancakes on the w/ends and the extra stuff he does. You do also have to understand that when Kate is frustrated/angry/upset it isn’t always the kids, did you all see the extra show where they showed the camera and production crew in the house??? I think I would lose it way sooner than she did!

Heeheehee, I saw that episode when she got upset with his breathing. I think they’re really great for each other. Both balance the other out. I do think it’s great when she smacks him. He probably likes it. :wink:

Did anyone see the episode where they go to the zoo, and see the penguins? And, Kate starts talking about how the one penguin probably thought the kids were also penguins, and Jon just starts rolling his eyes. I love it!

I used to watch this show all the time, but I’m kind of bored with it now. I guess I watched too many of the marathons.

i love the show! my boyfriend is asian (im caucasian) so i like to imagine that my kids will be as cute as they are someday even tho john is only half korean. :slight_smile:

I love it too. I saw the episode where they went skiing in Utah.Cannot imagine taking that many kids anywhere. I think the parents are great considering they have eight kids. And none of the children have any health/developmental issues as far as I have seen. That’s a BLESSING. Hopefully it will get easier as far as the kids being able to do things for themselves. Can you imagine having 8 teenagers!!

On the birthday episode they said niether of thier parents are involved in their kids life. I wonder what’s up with that? Thier parents don’t approve of thier interracial marriage? They’re dead? They’re too old to travel? I wonder…:think:

I watch the show and enjoy it, but I wish she would lighten up. Not letting the kids walk on hotel carpet?!? Or throwing a fit cuz the jackets didn’t go with the 4th of July outfits! Or the ice cream drips at WDW! Or, the mid-pumpkin carving hysteria about the “mess!”

8 kids or not, my husband would not be very happy about me
yelling at/belittling him in public. There is an appropriate time and place for that sort or thing.

Kudos to her tho’ for the junk food avoidance. It just goes to prove that you’re never too busy to make sure your kids eat healthful.

My mom and I LOVE this show. We call each other and chat about it every week. She things my husband and I are like them. Nah. Not even close!

We also wonder what’s up with the parents. I think Jon’s parents are far away, but you’d think they’d at least visit. Maybe they just don’t want to be on TV or don’t approve of them doing the show. I’d love to know, but then again, if they don’t want to talk about it, it’s not really any of our business. I’m sure if we’d dig deep enough, someone somewhere has more information…


From the snippets they show on the ads I don’t think it would be something that interests me. I can see how it would appeal to someone with kids though.

I have kids and it doesn’t appeal to me…

Yep! I watch it every week. I watch Little People first then Jon & Kate. I find it annoying sometimes, but for the most part I like seeing what it’s like raising sextuplets. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what that would be like.

AND what kind of person I would turn into. Sure, Kate acts like a whacko when she’s yelling about the outfits and such, but I try and imagine what happened up until that point where she loses it over something so trivial. The editing dept is fantastic. They make her look like a tyrant 90% of the time. I’m sure she’s not that way all of the time. If she were, her children wouldn’t voluntarily give her hugs and kisses all the time.

Just my opinion. I could be completely off base. :teehee: