Has anyone ever heard or ordered from this person?

What do you think?

They seem to have some unique colors and I like the varigated versions.

I ordered from them once. While I received my package promptly, I had a problem with the dye lot. Supposedly, all the balls came from the same lot, but after knitting it up, it was very obvious that this wasn’t the case. Yes, I could’ve contacted her & made an issue of it & returned the yarn, but that was more trouble than I felt like going through for the inexpensive price.

besides the dye lot issue, what did you think of the yarn quality? was it soft? durable?

I have, don’t remember what…but I do know that I’ve ordered from them and had no problem :smiley:

I have been lurking but this is my first post! I have purchased yarn from jojoland because I thought it might be a less expensive version of Noro. I liked the quality of the yarn and thought it relatively soft. But I have to say I was a little disappointed in the colors.

My experience with Noro yarns has generally been that you get at least a small part of each color in each skein - occasionally no but most of the times yes. With the jojoland i had some skeins that had completely different colors - one was purples and reds and a dark brown (very pretty) but then another would be mostly reds and salmons and then another purple and brown. They all coordinated together and looked fine but it is more of a random effect. However I was generally pleased given the amount I paid on Ebay


Way to delurk Buckeyeknitter!

I’ve never ordered from them but they certainly have great prices.

I bought 100% wool & I’d say it was average softness. However, I’m not yet sure about durability because the scarf I knitted from it hasn’t yet been washed.

I had the same color issues as Buckeye, which is why I ended up alternating balls every couple of rows on the scarf.