Jojoland yarn

i am thinking of buying a large lot of yarn (2200 yrds!) from jojosquare. its a fingering wieght 100% wool yarn. any one use this before? pros or cons? thanks!

I just ordered some yarn from them off of ebay. I meant to say I like the color. The yarn is mostly as described. I haven’t knit with it, so I can’t attest to the quality. But I would order from them again. Fast delivery too.

thanks…i loved the colors. :heart: i am actually thinking about buying two lots. i thought it would be fun to make socks to match for dd, me and dh. the other lot i was thinking of making a lightweight sweater/ tank. not sure how much i would need to do that for me… :shrug: good to know she ships quick. does the yarn feel soft?

The colours look great! :drool:

And…I know this is completely off topic but I’ve been wondering about this for a long time, how much is a yard anyway? :??

:shrug: 3 feet

Does one feet equal to 30 cm? So one yard is 0.9 m? Squared?

Sorry about all these questions all at once :blush:

Yep, one foot is approximately 30cm.

i have some jojoland yarn. i love it! it is very soft and purty. i have also given some away since i got two of her 10 ball lots. i have found no knots or breaks in the yarn, and did i mention it is purty? :teehee:

ack! lol i wasnt sure about the 30cm, thanks knitqueen
lissalue-yay! i am thinking about buying two lots as well. shhh dont tell dh he will not be happy. even if i knit him sock first. well, maybe if i knit him awesome socks first… hehehe oh! puuurty yarn … :flirt:

Thanks! :hug:

All these conversions almost made me go :eyes:

i got mine really cheap, that is why i got two, with my dh’s blessing!! :teehee:

i :heart: this yarn! O M G it came today, she shipped it so fast! its so soft and pretty. i will take pics today, we are supposed to get nice weather… i now have enough yarn to knit 10 pairs of socks :woot:

Jeanius- so you got a lot of 100% wool, and it’s soft? I’m totally new at this knitting thing, but I always think of wool being scratchy like my Kureyon. I would love to get one of these lots to make a shawl out of, the colors are SO gorgeous, but I don’t want a scratchy shawl… THANKS! :slight_smile:

Well, nevermind about the last question, I just bought 800 yards of cashmere from her! :shock:

idk if this is the same yarn you bought - here are cozies and a sock made with jojoland “Melody” fingering weight.
it’s alright. it’s scratchy compared with other sock yarns I’ve used, and I wouldn’t recommend it for a scarf. the colors are pretty though, and I paid next to nothing on eBay for 10 skeins, so I’m okay with it.

:shrug: i think softness is all relative! :teehee: i am currently knitting a felting bag with caron felt-it yarn, and it feels so soft to me. the jojoland yarn feels even softer

i also think the jojoland is super soft. one of my bags is 100% wool, and the other is a wool cashmere blend. i really love them both!!

I am really happy to see some good reviews on this yarn. I keep seeing it when I do my ebay searches, and that variegated blue is calling my name. Does anyone know if they have anything heavier than worsted weight?

i don’t even think i knew they had worsted weight :teehee: everything i bought was fingering.

you should email her and ask. she is super friendly and very helpful (she held my first auction until paypal cleared my second transfer to ship both together saving my a whooping $3 :teehee: it was like 2 weeks or so total) she may have some not listed :shrug: let us know! :heart: