Joiny Sqaures for afghan


I want to sew aquares of knitted blocks togather that looks nice.

( I’m using all of mu scrap yarn to make afgahn ) The sqaures are small. 2.5 by 2.5 inches.


What exactly do you want to know? Your seaming options? You can do mattress st. There are whip stitch and backstitch options. Sometimes deciding on what looks best is a matter of trial and error. You can also crochet them and there are options of diff crochet sts. Do you want the seam obvious or invisible? Are you using a contrasting yarn? Are all the sqs the same? What is your tension? Do you want the FO to look good on both sides or will there be an obvious RS/WS?


Personally I hate sewing things together. I crochet them together. It does make an obvious seam though so if that’s not yer thing then try sewing.

Here’s a short video showing how to crochet blocks together. If you follow the links inside that post, you can also see the other finishing techniques used for the pastel block baby blanket.

If you crochet one round of border on each block before crocheting the blocks together, you will have a very sturdy blanket.

Hope this helps.


I use whipstitch to join squares for blankets and afghans, and it turns out beautifully.

Here’s the website I read that shows how nicely it works:
(She swears like a sailor on that page, but just ignore her ranting, read the instructions, and look at the photos.)