Hi everyone, sorry I havent been on for ages, just been soooo busy with The Boys
Ive been (slowly) knitting a large blanket for one of the boys, im doing it in long strips
What is the best way to join the strips toghther?
Do I sew them with thread or wool? :muah:

I think thread could possibly cut into the yarn so it’s best for both security and looks to use wool.

I would join using yarn. You can crochet them together using a couple of different stitches if you crochet, slipstitch seam or single crochet seam. It will add an nice edge.
If you don’t crochet then weave or back stitch.

I knit an afghan in strips and I made a crochet seam using the yarn, but you could also use your yarn and join them using mattress stitch. Amy has a video that makes mattress stitch seem quite easy (though it always seems much more difficult for me than Amy) lol :smiley:

Thanks guys :muah:

Just worked out how to do the thanks thing lol

I used the mattress stitch, and it turned out not bad, main thing is my wee one liked it and sleeps with it every night
Sorry no photo,still trying to work out how to put a photo on, sad I know lol