Joining yarn



What is best way to join yarn :yarn:


To join yarn at the beginning of a row or for when u add a new skein??



Adding a new skein


Not everyone will agree with me, but if I’m adding a new skein I just tie a square knot and leave the 2 ends about 3" long.

While I’m knitting with this knot, I make sure the ends are sitting on the wrong side. Then at the end I weave all the ends in.

Probably isn’t the “best” way. But it works for me!!



Following this thread as I also want to know being a beginner knitter. I’ve watched a bunch of videos, and there seems to be differing opinions about this. What I have not seen is a video/post explaining which method is best for different types of yarn (e.g. cotton, wool, lace, etc).

I’ve joined yarn by knitting the new skein with the old for 3-4 stitches in the middle of a row for a sweater knit with wool, and so far, it’s held okay. With the sweater I’m currently knitting using pima cotton, I decided to be brave, and join new yarn using the magic knot. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if it unravels after a few washing :slight_smile:


I like the method of overlapping the yarn for 2 or 3 sts with about 6 inch tails left from both yarns. The tails can be woven in later.
The russian join is also a good one.


Personally, I would never add a knot. I am using one of these two methods depending on the situation: Russian join or weaving in as I knit.

In this thread there is already a video on how to do the Russian join. Here is a video on how to do weaving in as you knit:


I am a new knitter. I’ve tried a couple of methods and at my skill level, I’m most comfortable with the magic knot. It’s not ideal to have knots in your work but right now it’s what works for me.


I tried joining new yarn using weaving in as you go and overlapping methods, however I can’t figure out how to do it correctly with my current project which, aside from using the linen stitch, the first st needs to be slipped.