Joining Yarn Technique

There has been a lot of topics of people asking how to join yarn while working on a project and I would like to share a how to video I made showing the braided join, which is almost invisible within a project.

I also have another video showing how to change to a different color of yarn. Check other videos to view this.

Hope this helps a lot of you knitters and crocheter’s out there.

Thanks very much. That’s a useful technique to have.

This is the ONLY method I use now, I used to use the Russian Join, but, had a bad experience 2 times after laundering and the join worked apart. So with this join, as long as you make the braid long enough, there is no worries of it coming apart. It is visible when you 1st start knitting but after a few rows you have to look for the braid… it just seems to disappear in the project.

i just figured out you’re the ‘Lorraine L’ on youtube with the great how-to videos! grumpy gramma has mentioned you as ‘lori’ before, but i didn’t make the full connection. i just wanted to say, your videos are AWESOME! i’m especially enamored of the ‘1-color braided join’ right now - i’ve had to use it 4 times on a current project because of a knotty skein. it’s working great - no holes, no bumps, no pulling apart. thanks again, and keep up the wonderful work! :wink:

:waving: Howdy, so good to see you here and how did I miss this thread already? Thanks to your braided join video I can confidently add yarn and avoid long tails now. Wonderful.

Are you still living in a deep freeze?

Great, I have an opportunity to use this technique right now. I’m a new knitter and these resources are so helpful to me.

Yes this is me, I am on a lot of forums and as on Rav my name is Lori1551, but I cannot have that name on Google for whatever reason. Thus I get called Lori a lot and that is fine with me. As to videos, when I first started making them, I hung my web cam on a necklace around my neck. Trying to knit, explain, not move yet stay in frame was very difficult. As the years have passed I have improved my video taking, and the old videos still haunt me, but I won’t delete them as some people have favorited them…

Brilliant ! I’ve always used the Russian join and so far have not had any pulling apart issues like you had but I agree that the RJ does add bulk and can be stopped in the finished piece.

I will definitely be trying this in my next project , thank you Lori .