Joining yarn in the round

What is your favorite way to join a new ball of yarn when knitting in the round? Mine always comes out lumpy in the middle of the project. What is an easy seamless way to do this? :??

If it won’t show I usually just knit a few stitches with the end of the first ball and the new ball held together. Lately I’ve really been loving the Russian Join method…it’s sturdy and you don’t have to deal with double thickness in the yarn. Check it out, it’s easy and pretty ingenious. Amy has a video I think and a link to a great picture tutorial on the “more” page of her “Basic Techniques.” :thumbsup:

I usually use the double knitted in join that Amy demonstrates… I have tried the russian method but can never seem to get it to work, I might be trying it with yarns that are too thin though :shrug:

I do lots of felted joins when working with wool. Otherwise I knit with a double thickness of yarn-one old and one new.

When working with wool I always do the felted join. No tails to weave in :thumbsup:

thank u for asking this question! here i was thinking that the russian join had something to do with felting. now i know that i can use it on my acrlyic yarns! :cheering: :happydance:

It’s the split/spit splice that’s like felting two ends together. I just use a knot; on the inside of a sweater it’s not noticeable, and knitting both ends together for a few stitches is much more bulky than the knot.