Joining with two dpns

My mitten pattern instructs me to divide 26 stitches across two dpns - I have done this.
But I cannot figure out how to do the join with two needles. I’ve searched the internet and can find instructions when stitches are divided over three or more needles but I can’t find anything about joining when the stitches are divided over two needles.
Can someone please help me out?

TWO dpns? You need three or four to join and knit in the round. Check the pattern again…it may have an error. Can you give us a link?

Or, is it perhaps a pattern knit back and forth (ie. not in the round) and it calls for dpns just because of the small stitch number, therefore no need for long straight needles?

I’d use a 3rd needle to knit with. It may have said to put your stitches on 2, but you need another to join and start working with.


Dividing across two can be done easily but if it says to join then, as you imply, there is most likely a mistake… I have joined with two needles only, but they would be exceedingly difficult to knit from, and no pattern would bother telling you to. Can you post a link to the pattern, or the relevant few sentences? Is this right after casting on?


Hmm, well the pattern doesn’t actually say anything about joining.

It says to knit 22 rounds - which I understood to be that I had to do a join.

The pattern is Fleece Artist pattern for mittens.

I only had to cast on 26 stitches - 13 divided across two needles. I’ve read the pattern and it doesn’t say anything about needle #3.

Unfortunately the pattern is at home - I can take another look at it tonight and post more details if that will help.

Thanks for helping me with this.


If the pattern calls for a set of dpns as the needles, then it’s understood that you’d use a 3rd needle to knit with. It sounds like keeping the stitches on 2 needles is a way of keeping track of the front sts and the back stitches for making the thumb. You can use however many you want and put a marker halfway around.