Joining two colors

Could someone please tell me is there is a way to join two colors without having a line of color B inbetween two lines of color A on the wrong side? I am making a Harry Potter scarf with circular needles, and the join works perfectly. But, I can’t find smaller needles than
16" and my fiancee wants one more narrow. So, I was trying to make him a garter stitch one…
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
Thank you.

Nope. On the purl side there are always two colors showing no matter what you do.:pout:

There will always be a little line of color B in between 2 lines of color A in garter stitch or on the purl side of stockingette. There’s no way around it as it has to happen to join one color to the next.

Alternatively, you could knit each color as a separate block, then join them seamlessly afterwards. OR, knit it in the round on double pointed needles or 2 circular needles instead of one.

HTH! :slight_smile:

Try doing it with two circs or magic loop. My preference in this case would be ML. There is a video under the Advanced Techniques tab for both.

You all are most helpful to a newbie like myself!!!
Thank you so much!

You could always order an Addi 12" circular, or knit one flat and seam it up. But, there will always, always be a little ridge of one color and one of another on the purl side of your work.

I’d also say go with Magic Loop.

Here are a few options:

-DPN’s (probably the way I’d go)

-2 circulars

-Magic Loop

-an Addi 12" circular.

I have searched online and couldn’t find it, but how do you join two blocks seamlessly? What color would you use? Is there a video somewhere? I am sure this is an easy answer, but as I learned to knit online…I don’t know much yet…Thank you so much!!!