Joining thread in middle of row

I am knitting a v-neck vest…what is the Best way to join a new ball of thread in the middle of the row to accomodate the V without it making a mess??

Just start knitting with your new ball. Leave 5-6" tail. After a few rows are finished, you can go back and tighten up any looseness and then weave in the 2 ends on the back. Some people will actully tie the 2 ends into a knot then weave the ends, I usually just do a half knot then weave them in.

Thanks for your speedy answer…am following you except for the two ends…I have to continue to work with the old ball for one side of the V, and use the new ball for the other side…don’t understand 2 threads??

Oh, you’re right - I was thinking of when one ends one ball and joins a new ball - you’d have 2 ends from the 2 balls.

In your case, you’re probably adding the 2nd ball at a point where there isn’t an end of the first ball, just knitting. You’d only have to tighten up the stitches if they worked a bit loose - no knot would be needed (or even possible) - just weave the one end in thru the back for 1 or 2 inches.

Are you using two or more colors to make the vest? If it is just one color you can join the old skein of yarn to new skein using a Russian Join shown at this address ( this way you don’t have to weave in any ends later. You could also do a felted join if you are using a 100% wool (not shiny).

What I think Mirl56 is talking about is a Weaver’s Knot join (’s_Knot) you unpick the knot after you complete the project and weave in the ends on the wrong side (private side) of the garment.

Either method is good it is a matter of preference and what suits the project. Also, Amy has good tutorial videos here (, scroll down to view the videos.

Thanks, Marilyn…I just wanted to make the neatest join without stretching the center…think that will work best…I am a long-time knitter, but had never done a V-neck before…The pattern has 2 charts: a 4-row mock cable and a 22-row diamond of two sizes…with decreasing for the armholes and the neck at the same time, I feel like I’m trying to rub my stomach, patting the top of my head and juggling!!! Appreciate your help…and interest.

The following have very good tutorials, and one specifically for your question. I use it all the time.

Hope it helps you too!!:hug: