'Joining the Same Color Yarn'

:wall: I checked out the ‘Joining the Same Color Yarn’ video on here but it is shown for the continental knitter and I would like to see the engish style. how can I get it the video to show english style?


When the little icon is half pink and half blue, it means that it doesn’t matter whether you’re English or Continental.

:?? ok…I’ll it a try.

thank you so much for repling on easter day. I was sure I’d have to wait until mon. for help. I posted another question on baba’s bed socks. I have homework to do before next saturday on them and in the time it took for me to get home and go to bed and eat breakfast…I have forgotten what and how to do the next step in my homework :oops: :oops: :verysad: Maybe you could help me with that? it’s over in the ‘How To Questions’


Happy Easter!