Joining the ranks of The Cloggies

Stupid ebay. Why do I even go on there? And why did I do a search for felted clogs? It must be the Call of the Clog.

I am now the proud (?) owner of the Fibertrends felted clog pattern. It was actually quite a steal. I got 10 of their patterns for $20! Yay! Now all I need is some money to order WOTA to make them with!

Alms for the poor? :wink:

I’m wanting to get the clog pattern to try it too, but the lys’ near me have horrible hours! I’m sure I’ll get there and they won’t have the pattern though. :crying:


Well, that’s what eBay is for! :smiley: :wink:

This same lady still has several auctions up with the patterns in them. She must have had duplicates of all of the patterns.

Kelly, she even has the sheep tote pattern you were asking about.