Joining the pieces?

I’m almost finished with the last sleeve of my bolero. Once that’s done, I’ll start on the body and use circular needles for the first time in my life. I think I would be okay if both sleeves and the back where all on stitch holders. The instructions for the left sleeve say to “fasten off”. I’m assuming that means to bind off and that’s what I did.

So here are the pieces: Back 36 sts on holder, Left Sleeve 34 sts fasten off, Right Sleeve 34 sts on holder.

The instructions for the body are as follows:

Beg with Row 1 of Ridge (the ridge pattern is row1(RS) knit, rows 2-4 purl) pat and circular needle work as follows:

Joining row (RS): Work in pat across 34 sts of right sleeve, continue in pat across 36 sts from back sts holder, work in pat across 34 sts of left sleeve. (104 sts).

My first question is how do I work the fasten off/bind off stitches? Is there a web site that explains it? How about a book? I’ve look at my Vogue Knitting book and I can’t find anything that explains it.

Next question,(okay it’s question #4), is it okay to use my straight needles instead of the sts holders. They seem kind of small to be using to knit.

Thank you in advance for your help.

CarlaF who is learning that reading a pattern is like learning a foreign language

First off, stitch holders are only for that–holding stitches. When it comes time to knit them, you need to put your stitches back on the needles.

It appears that maybe you shouldn’t have bound off the stitches. The pattern should have been clearer. It makes no sense to have one sleeve bound off and not the other.

I would 'un’bind off the stitches so you can work across as the pattern says.

Thanks Ingrid,

I’ll give that a try :smiley: