Joining Stitches when working on circular needles

I am new at knitting. I am trying to make a pocket book. Anyway I needed to cast-on 90 stitches on a round needle and then join them together. I watched the video on this site. But when I tried joining them everytime I made a complete circle and got back to that point you could totally tell that is where I was trying to join them and it wasn’t tight, it was
rather lose. I’m not sure I am making any sense. . . .
The question is how do you join them together to make it look right and part of the pattern and the seam to be sturdy.


Much Help Needed!!!

Just to make sure, you’re starting with the working yarn on your RIGHT needle, correct?? What’s worked for me is to make sure I give a good tightening tug to the first TWO stitches. Tightening the second stitch more than you usually would will tighten the first one too.

yes, I am starting with the working yarn on your RIGHT needle. Thanks I will try again. Maybe I just need to tug tighter the first few

That looseness will work itself out a bit as you continue to knit your rounds.

This is just another one of those things that requires practice & developing your own knitting style…

I concur! :smiley: It’s a matter of fine-tuning your tension. :XX:

Ya know I picked up this little tip from the Knitting Christmas stockings book (ya know that book that looks like a sock? Check it out of the library) Anyway she says whe you’ve got all your stiches cast on, the working yarn on the right needle, then with the right needle slip the first stich of the left hand needle onto the right hand needle then pick up the next stich off the right hand hand with the left needle over that first one you slipped. SO basically you’re just swaping stiches. Get it? I use this meethod when working in the round and it works very well. Good luck.

Mm :thinking: I don’t get it :?? :oops:

Basically I think you’re taking the first stitch from the left needle and putting it on the right needle, and taking the first stitch from the right needle (not the one you just slipped) and slipping it over onto the left needle. That would then essentially be your ‘join’, and away you go.

@knitqueen - Like a BO? :?? Or like a cable?

I’m in the same predicament too…I’m started a purse and its going to be striped. I definately don’t want any jogs.

you could always try casting on one more stitch than you need, so that on the first stitch of the join, you actually knit together the first stitch and last stitches that were cast on…

Now that you mention that…I think that’s what I did last time when I knit in the round.

Like a bind-off except you DON’T let the stitch drop that you’re passing over. You put it onto the left needle.

Something that always works for me is to knit the first 2 (or 3) stitches with the working yarn and the tail end of the cast on row held together. It makes a nice tight join… after 2 or 3 stitches, justdrop the tail and keep working with the working yarn… when you get back to the beginning of the round, don’t forgetthat the first 2 or 3 stitches were done with a double thread, so you don’t accidently add some stitches.


Like a bind-off except you DON’T let the stitch drop that you’re passing over. You put it onto the left needle.

…then you just knit as regularly into that stitch you just moved to the left needle? :??

THAT’s the plan, Renn!

Thanks, K. :wink:

I have worked in the round with my circs, and it did turn out fine (just tugging the first two stitches tight), but I’m always open to new methods. :smiley:


Yeah, I learned how to do that circular join on my socks and have always used it since.

It’s called TRADING PLACES in the Stitch n’Bitch book. You’re putting the first stitch on the left needle over on the right needle and then the first one on the right the original first stich which is now one in, over on the left. as stated already! (sorry to be redundant, but the name helps I think…Trading Places…lets you visualize it completely)

It always works for me and it’s nice and tight and smooth.