Joining stitches in a cowl pattern

I want to make this. The first instructions are:

Cast-on 99 sts.

Join stitches without twisting and PURL the first round.

How do you “join stitches”?

It’s knit in the round, so you have to join the last stitch to the first stitch to start the tube. Check out Amy’s video on circular knitting.

You `join’ by purling the first CO st and continuing the first round.

thanks Ingrid and Suzeeq. However…I still don’t get it. I’ve watched the video and Amy basically says to just knit tight the first stitch.

I did that, and it looked wrong, so I ripped it out. It’s…well, like the circle isn’t joined basically - a weak joint. So then I purled that stitch like Suzeeq said and still same thing - it looks wrong.

So, is it not supposed to look tight and just like all the other stitches? Should there be a “gap”?

I’d really appreciate any help. I don’t think my yarn can take another rip out. :slight_smile:

I said to purl because the first stitch in Round 1 is a purl I think. It can be hard to snug up the sts together. Another trick that I use is to CO one extra st, bring the needle tips together and slip the first CO st to the right and begin your first round with the next st. Then when you get to the end of the CO, knit the last CO st together (like k2tog) with the one you slipped. That helps to tighten up the join.

Here’s how I join in the round:


Thank you all so much. I ended up using Suzeq’s method of casting an extra on and knitting it and the first together. It looks great! Thanks a million!

Sandy - I’m trying yours next!

Yay! Yes, try out all methods and see which you like and which works better for you.