Joining stitch help!

I’m sure this has been asked a million times… I’ve spent the morning with Silver’s Sock class and trying so hard to join the round with no twists, etc. After starting over many times, I’ve done a few rounds and it seems to look fairly ok EXCEPT that first join stitch looks loose. Do you think I could pull it tighter with the long tail end and a tapestry needle when it’s all done…or should I rip again and keep trying to get a better join??? I keep thinking everyone can knit socks–why can’t I??? Much, much thanks.

Just tighten that first stitch as much as you can when you first join…once you wash/block/etc. it isn’t as noticable. You can also cast on an extra stitch and then when you get to the very last stitch before you join knit it together with the first stitch you are joining to. That seems to help it look neater and tighter.

Just tug at the end a bit after doing the first couple of rounds. When you finish the sock and weave in the end, it will tighten as well.

Thank you so very much.

I tugged on the cast on tail, and nothing happened…it looks like that first loop in the cast on edge is stretched out. I guess I’d better start over again.

I read about casting on an extra stitch, but I still don’t understand. So you use the extra one at the beginning of the second round, since on the first round and initial join, you have nothing on the working needle?

One more thought–are you saying that when you approach the initial join again at the end of the first round, you slip the last stitch on the right needle over to the left needle and then knit them together?


My preferred way gives a flawless join. You switch the first and last stitches to their opposite needles, with one of them going through the other (use a crochet hook). Then pull tight and hold both strands together for a few stitches, knitting tightly.
The other thing to remember is that it must be the tail that tightens your slipknot, and pulling on the strand leading to the ball that loosens it. This site also has a search function.


Thank you everyone for all the great tips. Tomorrow I’ll give it another try. I bet I did pull on the wrong thread and loosened that stitch. It’s so awkward at first with all those needles, I really can’t see what I’m doing! But I sure do want to keep trying. You all turn out such beautiful socks.

I apologise for not using the search engine. I couldn’t find it on the main pages of the forum, but now I see it’s at the bottom of individual entries.