Joining squares

Hello! Thank you Amy for such a great website! I’m a self-taught knitter (is that a word?!) and have been doing some misc. projects such as scarves (many for Christmas gifts!) and a few hats. I’ve now started an afghan that is many squares that will later be joined together. They are in the stockinette stick. I’m wondering if anyone has some helpful hints about what the best cast on and cast off methods are for joining these squares together in the end. Thank you, I appreciate any input!

Since you will be joining the squares after they are knit, the cast on and bindo off won’t show, so the important part will be making sure they are loose enough that they don’t pull in the square.

You may want to aquaint yourself with different seaming methods though. I like Annie Modedesitt’s tutorials here:

I’m not sure how many squares you’ve done, but I think you could save yourself a lot of sewing if you worked columns of squares without binding off between them.

In other words, Knit a full square, but do not bind off, Start the next square with the stitches left over from the first, but switching yarns or stitches as necessary.

In this way, you’ll only have to sew half the number of seams at the end of the project.

Good luck,

Marnie, those links are fantastic. Thank you as I needed them very much.