Joining sleeves to sweater knit in the round


I’m knitting this sweater:

It’s the first thing, other than hats, that I’ve tried to knit in the round.

Everything is going perfectly, but I’m soon coming to the part where I have to join the sleeves to the body, and I just don’t understand how.

The pattern says, “JOIN
Leaving 9 [9, 10, 10, 10] sts from each sleeve and 9 [9, 10, 10, 10] sts from each side of the body [diametrically opposed] on holders, put the sts from the sleeves and the body on the 32” size 10.5 needle, placing a marker after moving 20 [20, 20, 21, 22] sts from the first sleeve.
162 [168, 174, 182, 194] sts on needle."

First, I have no idea what, “diametrically opposed” means. :lol:

Can someone explain…or draw me a picture…using small words? :wink:

I just don’t get where to join the sleeves to the body and which stitches I have to leave on the holders. :frowning:

Thank you!

Diametrically opposed just means opposite each other, halfway around the body from each other. Here’s what you’ve got - o o O - 2 small tubes and one large one. They fit together like this - oOo - where they touch is the underam. The 9 or 10 sts on the sleeves and the body are the underarm stitches and leave them on the holders to join later (to each other). For now, just forget them. Rather than transfer the main sleeve and body sts to a circ, I just knit them onto one needle. But you may find it easier to have all the sts on before you knit the joining round.

I think I understand…but just to be clear.

I’m going to attach the body to the sleeves at the shoulders and not at the underarm.
Is that correct? I leave the underarm stitches on holders and I knit the yoke, which is the next part of the pattern.
That will be the stitches at the top of the sleeves and body?

You don’t have shoulders yet, that’s the next part - knitting the yoke. But yes, you’ll be knitting the sts at the top of the parts.

Thanks so much! You`re little diagram helped a ton, believe it or not! :lol:

I probably would have tried joining at the underarm…not the top!